Create a brand with
lasting appeal.

Carmel Bakery

Signs and symbols surround us. They guide, influence, and evoke powerful emotions. A logo’s importance is immediately apparent. Effective identities leave an enduring impression of a brand. We don’t just design a logo — we create an image with “marketing equity” that sustains your brand’s appeal over the increasingly fickle course of time.


Communication that’s
not business-as-usual.


Our collaborative, strategically creative approach brings your collateral, packaging, advertising, and visual identity to life in a fresh and compelling way. Through carefully crafted words and images, we develop an integrated message your target audience will remember.


Put marketing in its
profitable place.

fisherman's wharf sign

Environmental design embraces many disciplines — including the visual aspects of wayfinding, identity and brands, crafting information design, and shaping a sense of place. Our experience covers designing and planning of sign programs, environments, retail design, exhibit and interpretive design.


Websites that engage
your audience.

website design

Long before marketing solutions became internet-driven, The Wecker Group had built a reputation for building brands. Regardless of the tools or the technology, it’s the brains behind the brand that win loyalty. Whether your site is part of an integrated marketing plan or on the frontlines driving customer acquisition, we can help you make a memorable impression.

Featured Project

PepeCello Website

Logo Design
WeatherTech® Raceway Laguna Seca

We were tasked by WeatherTech® to create a new brand for the renamed Laguna Seca Raceway. The parameters were to create a logo with the WeatherTech® brand as the naming title and keep the Laguna Seca logotype all while creating a nostalgic look for the iconic and historic facility. The final selection showed the stylized and italic lettering for the word “Raceway”, connecting the “R” with the “Y” representing the road course and the outline of the track in red.